Sunday, May 6, 2012

Vacation Pt.2 (cont)

A walk through the woods and ending up at a beautiful pond set the trip off perfectly. 

 Good Night Y'all!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Officially Out of Hibernation

 It took us  a while around here, but we are finally really getting stuff done around our place. Both of us are procrastinators. Patching holes in our ceiling that I made trying to get Christmas decorations down ( oops), trying to maintain a  real garden succesfully, coating our  metal roof with Elastomeric Roof Coating which will hopefully cut down our cooling cost; really important in Texas summer months, and also provide a waterproof barrier for our leaky roof. The husband is coating the roof thankfully, but I do bring him cold drinks from time to time. Pretty important job! Along with all that, trying to do day to day stuff that comes  with herding two kids, two dogs and three goats! This is why this blog might have a little bit of dust on it as of late. Our mini garden has shown me that I definitely will be doing a much larger one next year, but hopefully next year our tiller is working because I don't think I can take doing it all manually again on a much larger scale at that.  The sunflowers are gorgeous even though they aren't at their full potential of beauty. I can't wait until  they finally bloom!  

When my son found this worm he was so happy. Going through a bug phase. Luckily for him I don't too much mind it. This one as a defense was swaying back and forth and lifted it's " upper body" to  try and make it self seem bigger. The two "eyes" on top are also for that purpose. It was pretty cool to watch.
Yellow Squash

 I found these on my yellow squash yesterday, they aren't there today though. I think they are called  "Leaf-Footed Bug Nymph" . I am trying to go as organic as I can, so trying to get rid of these should they come back is going to take some research. 

The neighbor's cat coming over for some loving