Friday, April 20, 2012

Vacation Pt. 1

I am one of those weird people that enjoys going to see historical buildings, museums, aquariums, parks, gardens, etc. Some might say " I like to get my learn on". Do I retain any of it, not really . Hoping that I can someday get a piece of life old timey kind of living that once was  the norm many, many moons ago. Visiting my in laws, my husband was driving me around so I can do my picture taking things. He informed me that there was an arboretum in his hometown! WHAT!? We have been to this tiny Texas town countless times and we are basically one in the same person and you didn't think to come here?! He didn't know I would go crazy over this particular place that's  hidden away  from anywhere we have ventured around here thus far? I chastised, but soon got over it after I saw how gorgeous the gardens, the  historical  " Wofford House" and the overall vibe this place was giving off.   So this is where I just show you the pictures I took. It's really a dream to one day turn our place into something similar to this.

Entry Way 

A arbor type thing. I really want to do something like this.

Wofford House

Garden and Milking barn(right) in back 

 Pea Sheller

Right of Milking barn  was a beautiful garden

  That's all for safe.

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