Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Dumpster Christmas Tree

You read that right, I " rescued " this 7.5ft tree from the landfill it was headed for. It's fake and the lights do not work, but there were no funny smells and really that's all you can ask for. A string or 6 of lights and a store bought faux tree stand meant saving me from using our terminally ill tree. The one that everyone has made fun of because it looks like it has mange. I tried making a stand for this tree, but after 4 hours of leaning the tree couldn't take it any longer and it fell over. The young nuggets immediately sensed a danger and went right to the broken shards of Christmas decor, but I got there first.....jokes on you little nugget one and  nugget two. Luckily no one got hurt. 

 Every year our town has a Christmas parade and people can set up stands and sell their stuff. I read somewhere that last year 10,000 people came to the parade. I don't see how, but I won't argue with it.

 We buy honey pretty regularly now  where as before we never ate it. There is a bee farm really close to us that we go and get our honey fix from . "Mrs. Rudy" has always been exceptionally nice and more than helpful and fair with her prices. She had a  table set up with Honey, Creamed Honey, and any kind of  Beeswax product you could ever need. Once you have had honey from a local bee farm, you will never buy store bought again. It's not outrageously priced and worth it because it's good for your health. Rudy's Honey does have a website that you would be able to order from and I would recommend anyone to do so.
Rudy's Honey Beeswax Candles

My computer is not cooperating with me so I will have to finish this later . Peace  Out

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