Thursday, October 4, 2012

Busy Day..a few weeks off my life.

This morning we woke up to heavy machinery  NOISES. We were lucky enough to have the famous Transcanada Pipeline going through our property. There are  so many issues, but really nothing we can do about it, especially at this point. Oh well.  Anyhow,  we had a fun filled morning of sorting out a mess of what was to be done with the timber on our land , hence the "....a few weeks taken off my life". Oh so much fun! I hate to say I would have really liked a drink at about 0900 .

However,  I did  enjoy carving a pumpkin even though after a while I really just wanted it done. I really wish I weren't like that, but I am .  These things are huge too! 

Ozzy the Rooster eating pumpkin guts!
 My husband then installed two duo ceiling combos. They are weird looking, but I like them and they function!
The before fixture and the new fan.

 When the construction guys left for the day we went to take a look at what they had cleared. It made me sad to think about how old some of those trees were and how long it had taken them to get to the size they were. I am a big hippie even though I hate to admit it; I am coming to terms with that.

                     Then I saw this plant and said out loud " What the hell is that?". Seriously, what is it?Anyone know..?

 Now off to bed with my heating pad and a stiff drink in my system. I am a big stout girl , but those pumpkins were heavy .  Tomorrow is  melodious sounds of heavy equipment running and cleaning up all the mess they made today. Just grateful to be alive with a wonderful family, roof over my head and no poo storms in sight!

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