Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vacation Pt.2

The day was pretty windy...when I say windy I mean it was a big enough deal that there were warnings put out for people to stay inside. REALLY WINDY. So what did we do? We made sure we were outside....We went through the Wofford House, the garden and headed over to a pond with lily pads in it. Very serene and peaceful, have I said it was beautiful?  We then headed towards the trail.

I always start these hikes with  an enthusiastic, care free frame of mind and half way through I think " Why would they make the trail so long that you get lost?........ WHY?!" Outside of the  trees and brush it's quite breezy and cool; inside not so much. With a backpack full of gear and a baby it wasn't the best of situations. Glad to do it because I was hoping to get some good shots.  So here's what I got

More Poppies. 

A mini rock garden with plants

Another view of the garden behind the house

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Beginning of the trail. The baby was already sleepy.
Entrance to the trail

Bat Boxes

Chimney Sweep

See! It's nice, you got to see all these beautiful outside things and didn't even have to break a sweat. Except maybe for the last one. I just hope it was a teenager and not an adult. Next blog is going to be about our new  baby pygmy goats.

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